Nonprofit Services

Starting a non-profit organization
CC Consulting Group, LLC assists with start-up functions such as:

  • Writing by-laws, strategic planning
  • Applying for 501(c) (3) public charity status from the IRS
  • Defining the organization’s mission
  • Preparing a web site and print materials
  • Board of Directors training and development
  • Designing, implementing fund-raising strategies
  • Providing on-going administration

Assisting existing non-profit organizations
CC Consulting Group, LLC assists both new and mature non-profits with functions such as:

  • Volunteer Planning
  • Event planning
  • Technology Planning
  • Program & Service Development, Planning, and Mapping
  • Reviewing and assess proposals
  • Reviewing, assess and re-write communications materials
  • Designing new fundraising strategies
  • Counseling on organization and governance
  • Evaluating programs, strategies and processes
  • Assisting in developing partnerships
  • Conducting grant research
  • Identifying appropriate legal, financial and other outsource services
  • Outcome Assessment
  • Conduct interviews with key and primary members, donors, etc.
  • Reviewing and creating major contracts
  • Project & task management