Philanthropy Management

Philanthropy Management
CC Consulting Group, LLC offers a complete array of services to foundations, philanthropic individuals, and corporations.

CC Consulting Group, LLC is a full service company ready to tackle all of your staffing and administrative needs. Our experienced team provides a flexible and cost effective menu of services in corporate citizenship programs, private foundation planning and management, and philanthropy management.

CC Consulting Group, LLC works with individuals, businesses and families to establish and administer new private foundations and contributions programs and plans. CC Consulting Group, LLC services helps our clients to create policies, procedures, and tools that allow them to make wise, strategic grants and sponsorships that reflect the client’s values and interests.



  • Grantee relations, such as:
    • Proposal processing and review
    • Site visits
    • Correspondence with grantees
    • Grants processing, contracts, payouts, reporting, and compliance
    • Phone, mail, and e-mail response to inquiries
  • Donor relations, such as:
    • Correspondence with donors
    • Contributions processing, deposit, and acknowledgement
    • Phone, mail, and e-mail response to inquiries
  • Board of Director support, such as:
    • Board and committee meeting planning, support, and follow up
    • Succession planning
    • Evaluation
    • New director orientation
  • Philanthropic planning and strategy development
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Budgeting and financial reporting
  • Data preparation for external service providers, such as auditors, tax preparers, and webmasters
  • Other services as requested

Who We Serve

CC Consulting Group, LLC serves individuals and organizations needing staff support for their philanthropic activities, such as:

  • Private Foundations, including Family Foundations
  • Philanthropic Individuals
  • Small Businesses and corporations