About Us

With over 21 years of experience in nonprofit and small business work, CC Consulting Group’s expertise enables us to provide an intelligent, in depth and independent assessment of all your business needs. We focus on the business model – assessments to give you a complete integrated picture of your business needs.

The end result is that we provide a complete specific list of recommendations to help you start a business or improve the performance of your business and achieve better results. Our focus is to identify your business needs and provide the most effective solution!

Our Firm is driven by the motto “Our Business Is Your Growth” because we envision building strong communities that thrive on entrepreneurship and empowerment. As such, we are dedicated to actualizing the dreams of the clients we serve–whether they have a business idea that is budding or have leapt into the business world. We provide our clientele with strategy, build their resources, support their endeavors, and relish in seeing their business soar to greater heights.

In 2010, CC Consulting Group, LLC became certified with the State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration, State Supplier Diversity Program as a MBE/WBE business to provide consulting services.

Reasons you should choose CC Consulting Group, LLC:

We understand that tough economic times affect individuals as well as organizations. That should not mean that you can’t receive services. CC Consulting Group, LLC is committed to providing excellent services at reasonable rates.

Accessibility Flexibility
CC Consulting Group, LLC will travel to you to provide services. No location is too far!

CC Consulting Group, LLC is certified with the State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration, State Supplier Diversity Program as a MBE/WBE. With over 17 years of experience and expertise.

Comprehensive Approach
When your organization contracts with CC Consulting Group, LLC, we become partners. This means your business/organization not only receives assistance through the planning and implementation stage, but we also guides you in evaluating the success of your business through follow-up and ongoing technical assistance.
CC Consulting Group, LLC, is a company that cares! It is driven and organized by a commitment team to see people motivated to better their lives and achieve their dreams!